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How do we setup automatic payments that occur monthly?

There are 2 options for setting up reoccurring payments. 

1. Memorized AP Invoice - If you would like it to go through AP then you would create an invoice and once you had filled in the invoice you can click 'Memorize' under the Action dropdown at the top left of the invoice entry screen. You can also select the 'Mark As Paid' toggle on the top right side that would mark the invoice as paid once the bill was approved.


2. Bank Expense - Create a bank Rule for any expenses that aren't going to be tied to an AP Vendor. Any time a transaction comes in with the values you tell the system to look for, it will code that transaction to the account, location & vendor you set. In the Bank Activity window (found in the 'Banking' dropdown on the top ribbon), select 'Get Bank Activity'. 

  • Select the checking account you are wanting to view 
  • Find the bank transaction you would like to set up a bank rule for in the Unmatched tab
  • Fill in a GL account & location 
  • Select the checkbox in the 'Add Rule' column on the far right
  • 2 columns to the left of that, there should be a button that says 'Add'
  • After clicking 'Add' this should create a bank expense for the transaction you just added which will send the transaction to your 'Matched' tab. The bank rule you just added will be sent over to the 'Bank Rule' tab.


  • In the Bank Rule tab you will select the values for the system to search for within that Bank Rule.


  • The 'Name, Type & Bank Account columns will be filled in with the data from your bank transaction. You will set a Condition, Value (and 2nd Condition/Value if you desire), and then confirm that the GL account & location look correct.
  • Click 'Save Changes' at the top right.
  • This should now tell the system to search for any transactions that clear your bank account with the same values you set. If it finds a transaction with the same values, it will create a bank expense or deposit for you that you will just need to approve in the 'Rule Applied' tab.
  • Keep in mind, you will not want to set bank rules for anything that would be already entered in Restaurant365 (AP Invoices, AR Invoices, DSS entry transactions, journal entries, etc).

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