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Off-Site Events

How does R365 deal with off-site events with different sales tax rates? And what if multiple locations are involved in prep of off-site events, how would we account for this in the software? 

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For more information on Accounts Receivable, please use this link to review our available Support Articles on Accounts Receivable. In this section, you will see articles on: 

- Add a Location Logo

- Sales Item Record

- Adding a Contact

- A/R Credit Memo

- A/R Invoice

- A/R Payment

- House Accounts 

- Third Party Delivery Services & House Accounts

Additionally, we have an Accounts Receivable section in the Academy which can be found by navigating to the far right of the screen, next to your name and hovering over the circle with the question mark and selecting Academy. From there, you can select Accounts Receivable on the left and watch the available Academy videos. 

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