Release Update: May 9th, 2019


  • Fixed - Able to set Payment Type on AR Payments


  • Fixed - Mass Fulfillment in Commissary will now update costs
  • Fixed - Ingredient costing is now accurate when yield and portion uofms are not the same

Scheduling V2:

  • Enhancement - Shifts/Claim Trade now have Responsibility/Rating validations on approve action
  • Fixed - Removed empty departments from the scheduler drop down list
  • Fixed - SPLH goals on departments can now exceed 100



  • Enhancement - Actual vs Theoretical Report
    • Updated Transaction Cost option
    • Sorting on any column independent of categories
    • Improved Performance
  • Fixed - Labor Actual vs Scheduled Detail - hours and $ values are now accurate
  • Fixed - AP Aging Issues
  • Fixed - Academy Management List
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