Release Update: March 28th, 2019 - New Feature: Enhanced AP Invoice Entry


  • New Feature - Enhanced AP Invoice Entry
    • Faster Invoice Entry 
      • Quickly populate an invoice by starting with a memorized template
      • Documents to Process now automatically refreshes after processing a Document
    • Confidently Delegate Invoice Entry
      • Set entry instructions per vendor that are viewable when entering invoices for that vendor
      • Managers able to review documents marked as duplicates before they are removed
  • Enhancement - You can now print checks using Location info in addition to Legal Entity


  • Enhancement - You can now add a comment to Commissary Orders as you would on a Purchase Order
  • Fixed - Deactivated POS Employees no longer get imported to R365 on initial POS pull
  • Fixed - Commissary Orders are now showing the correct fulfillment cost


  • Fixed - User email addresses now accept underscores wherever they may be in front of the @ symbol


  • Fixed - Cannot delete a Bank Direct Connect link to R365 bank account.
  • Fixed - Cannot assign a default bank to a Legal Entity.
  • Fixed - Able to approve Beginning Balance AP trx in a historical period while in list view.
  • Fixed - Checks not marked as printing in AP Transactions list.
  • Fixed - Posting Date column not displaying in AP Transactions list.

March 13, 2019


  • Fixed - A manual beginning balance journal entry displays the correct label of beginning balance.
  • Fixed - AP aging report displays unapplied intercompany transactions to the correct legal entity.
  • Fixed - Removed additional quotes from Positive Pay (Default 1) export file.
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